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Faylan - FAYvorite! [Album] [M3/320K]

FAYvorite / 飛蘭 [Download]
  Release [2014.03.26]
Faylan covered songs in live event, there are a lot of request about listening other popular song with Faylan singing talent. To answer this, CD project of acoustic cover with a total of 10 popular songs by Japanese artist such as “I LOVE YOU” by Yutaka Ozaki, “Sekai ga Owarumadewa” by WANDS.

 01. Lupin sansei no Theme (original: Pete Mac Jr.)
02. DAYS (original: FLOW)
03. I LOVE YOU (original: Yutaka Ozaki)
04. FIND THE WAY (original: Mika Nakashima)
05. Natsu no Hi no 1993 (original: class)
06. Sekai ga Owaru Made wa... (original: WANDS)
07. Ai wo Torimodose (original: Crystal King)
08. Kaede (original: SPITZ)
09. Amazing Grace
10. Erotica Seven (original: Southern All Stars)

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