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supercell - ZIGAEXPERIENTIA [Album] [MP3/320K/BK/DVD]

supercell - ZIGAEXPERIENTIA [Download]
Full-length album from supercell features tie-up songs with anime series and more for 15 tracks total. Comes with a booklet illustrated by Shiro Miwa.
[MP3/320kbs] + [Scans/ Special Booklet]
01 Journey’s End
02 No.525300887039
03 Mr.Downer
04 My Dearest (Album Mix)
05 Juuzoku Ningen
06 White Seiyaku
07 Hakushu Kassai Utaawase
08 Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh!    
09 Hyakukaime no Kiss
10 Giniro Hikousen
11 The Bravery (Album Mix)
12 Bokura no Ashiato (Album Mix)
13 Kokuhaku (Album Mix)
14 Jikan Ressha
15 We’re Still Here

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